It begins

I'm really just trying this out.

So, Phawr T. Touh, sent to assassinate a woman from the ebon claw, or something like that, found himself thrust into a small battle on the outskirts of a war. Saving some baron jerk, for a mere 5 gold, only pushed him further into a battle. Though, thankfully, his mark, who he thought he had missed, brought herself right into his hands, along with the help of a few strong adventurers, she fell easily.
With her heart in hand, he returned to the city, along with his new mage friend, and a drinking partner. The warforged toaster oven followed along, as well as that ranger and his tiger. Both of which he’d occasionally see through out the years. Though, he spent most of his time helping Vi look for her muffin recipes, and Sal, well, he helped him drink his troubles away at various taverns. All the while, attempting to prove his worth to his Thuranni brethren.
After 4 years, the 5 found themselves together again at a party thrown by that baron. Standing on the second floor over look of this little roof party, Phawr watched in amusement with his friend Sal while Vi played practical jokes on the baron through his fountain. Sal, bringing up an amusing idea, instantly convinced Phawr to jump on that overgrown toaster, and knock him over, in a sort of “hello”. It worked…well, it worked on getting him closer when the smoke monkey came in the doors. The battle ensued, and was looking bleak, but the 5 ended up on top.
Afterwards, Ragnar Thunderwang…er Thunderwacker came in, deputized the 5, and urged them to search out the origin of this creature. With a little help from Vi, Phawr obtained about 100 gold from the nobles they saved “for the families of the fallen.” He then continued through the streets collecting a bit more as they searched for clues, but ended up giving that last bit to the poor who had lost a member of their own in the lower levels. Before they found where the creature had come from, they did fall into a little scuffle with some ruffians, which he tried to diffuse before it started by changing into one of the prominent city guard members. Thus, revealing to all of the party the fact that he is a changeling, and not an elf, as he appeared. Previously, Vi, was the only living being that knew this. He hopes his new found friends can keep a secret, especially that overgrown toaster oven…..He wouldn’t want anything happening to them in their sleep.



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