Sharn, located in Breland, is the largest city on the continent of Khorvaire. As such, it is not only the cultural center of the continent, it is the economic one, too. Goods and services are available in Sharn from across the continent and even occasionally from across the seas.

The city looms atop an inhospitable outcrop of rock near the mouth of the Dagger River, surrounded by water on 3 sides. It is an ancient city, with many different regimes reflected in the architecture throughout the years. Heavy, oppressive goblin architecture provides the base for much of the city, its stonework dating to a time when humans did not exist on this continent. Atop this ancient foundation, the periods of human civilization stack one on top of another as the city reaches for the clouds.

Sharn’s poorer citizens live in the lower portions of the towers; the wealth and status of the city’s residents increase the higher up the towers they live. The uppermost levels of the city’s towers feature open arches, balconies, bridges, and platforms that together create a lacework of structures high in the air. Above these airy levels rises up the neighborhood known as Skyway. Here, the city’s most affluent residents live and play.

Skyway exists because Sharn is situated within a manifest zone linked to the astral dominion of Syrania, the Azure Sky. This manifest zone enhances magic related to flying and levitation, which makes many of Sharn’s magical wonders possible, such as its mile-high towers.

With its tremendous array of cultural, culinary, and commercial delights and its position as the gateway to Xen’Drik, Sharn attracts visitors and adventurers from across Khorvaire and beyond. It is a hotbed of activity, known in equal mesasures for its wonders, its crime rate, its amazing amount of corruption, and its exhilarating atmosphere.

Travel across Sharn, and between its various levels, occurs using massive lifts and ,for the wealthy, skycoaches held aloft by magic or pulled by beasts such as hippogriffs. Order is maintained, as much as possible, by the Sharn Watch, and the city is ruled by a city council, the Lord Mayor, and a vast governmental bureaucracy.

Morgrave University, with its glass walls and rough-and-tumble approach to scholarly pursuits, was founded in Sharn and maintains its main campus here. The institute of “learning, relic hunting, and grave robbing,” as it is called by the administrators of the more respected University of Wynarn, provides many opportunities for delving across the world. It isn’t hard to get a letter of marque from Morgrave to explore ancient sites.


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