The Sovereign Host is the most widely worshiped pantheon in the world, consisting of 9 deities. Each of the 9 deities has its own “Channel Divinity” feature, for use by clerics. Let me know if you are interested in a particular deity and I’ll let you know its Channel Divinity power.

  • Arawai, goddess of fertility, abundance, and life (particularly plant life). Good.
  • Aureon, god of knowledge, arcane lore, and magic. Also values order and law. Unaligned.
  • Balinor rules the beasts, the hunt, and the cycle of life. Unaligned.
  • Boldrei in some ways represents the Host as a whole, influencing community and safety and comfort of hearth and home. Goddess. Good.
  • Dol Arrah is the goddess of honorable combat, selflessness, and sunlight. Lawful good.
  • Dol Dorn is the god of courage and physical prowess. Unaligned.
  • Kol Korran is the god of commerce and wealth. Unaligned.
  • Olladra, goddess of luck and plenty. Good.
  • Onatar, god of forge, fire, industry, and craft. Unaligned.

The Dark Six clearly the evil pantheon.

The Silver Flame is dedicated to the destruction of evil in all its forms. Lawful good. Not actually a god as much as a “thing”.

The Undying Court is an Elven religion, in which elves revere their dead ancestors, and some ancestors have eluded death’s grasp. Unaligned.

The Spirits of the Past, kind of the same thing as the Undying Court.

The Blood of Vol, the faithful are captivated by the literal and figuravtive meaning of blood and heredity. Dark, but not necessarily evil. Unaligned.

The Path of Light, the religion of the kalashtar, in which they recognize a universal force of positive energy. Work to vanquish evil. Lawful good.


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