Khorvaire is the continent upon which most of the action in Eberron takes place.

  • Aundair is two nations in one. Pastoral villages and farmlands line its borders or cluster around the keeps of the region’s feudal lords. The people here are simple, even rustic. The nation’s great cities however are alive with commerce and bustle with a crowd nearly as cosmopolitan as that of Sharn. The houses of government and institutions of higher learning nearly burst with the learned, the scholarly, and the magically inclined. Aundairians are ruled by Queen Aurala and are unified in their national pride. Population around 2 million.
  • Breland is one of the largest nations on Khorvaire and is home to Sharn, perhaps the most preeminent city in the world. It is also fairly multicultural. Breland has vast tracts of workable land, as well as a society of great personal freedoms, which has inspired immense loyalty and patriotism in its citizens, who consider themselves to be cosmopolitan. The nation currently leads all others in social progress. The city of New Cyre is also in Breland, where many survivors of The Mourning, which destroyed the nation of Cyre, have found themselves. Population around 3.7 million.
  • Darguun is a nation of “monsters”, primarily populated by goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, and kobolds. Some humans and other races can be found here. It broke off from the nationa of Cyre during the Last War, after goblin mercenaries seized the area in an effort to create a homeland of their own. Slavery is a big trade here. The various factions in Darguun are currently united under a warlord, but given the nature of the inhabitants, such unity is not expected to last, as in-fighting already occurs on a regular basis. Prior to the Current Age was the Age of Monsters in which creatures such as these, as well as orcs, ruled Khorvaire. Many “monsters” see this nation as a way of getting back to that time.
  • The Demon Wastes is a realm of barren rock and home to few settlements of nomadic barbarian humans, orcs, half-orcs, and demons. There is a preponderance of evil here. The population is around 600,000 and it is rare that people from here have contact with the larger world.
  • Droaam is a land of monsters, creatures that make even the goblin tribes of Darguun look civilized. The mountain passes of Droaam teem with giants and gargoyles, and the forests are thick with trolls and orcs more savage than the fiercest tribes of the Eldeen Reaches. Yet the region contains more than random horros. Ruled by the mysterious Daughters of Sora Kell, Droaam grows even more disciplined, ever more structured, and the people of Khorvaire grow ever more frightened.
  • The Eldeen Reaches consists mainly of heavy forests, though some cities have popped up around the borders of Breland and Aundair. Home to simple farmers, practitioners of the most primal magic, friendly villagers, and savage tribes. Population of around 500,000 mostly humans, though half-elves, gnomes, halflings, and others also reside here.
  • Karrnath was once the strongest bastion of the Five Nations, but suffered terribly during the Last War. A proud military tradition and a drive for excellence in all aspects of life empowered Karrnath before the war. However, the reputation of its military proved false after Aundair delivered several wwift defeats during the war. Karrnath used necromancy to create undead legions from its fallen soldiers, to no avail. Today, Karrnath struggles against plauge and famine. Now it is home to mostly humans, dwarves, and halflings, though of course other races reside there, as well. Supports a large middle class via plenty of trade and business opportunities. Also residents have 2 years of compulsory military service. The summers here are hot, short, and wet. The winters are long, bitterly cold, and full of snow. This has made its citizens hearty. Population 2.5 million.
  • The Lhazaar Principalities is a coastal nation, and either a wretched nation of pirates, outlaws, murders, and brawlers, or the home of the world’s best mariners and richest seagoing merchants, depending on who you ask. It consists of a tiny strip of Khorvaire proper and a vast archipelago. Kind of a loose confederacy of states. Usually might makes right in the Principalities, and the man with the most and biggest ships rules. Population 500,000, mostly humans, gnomes, halfelves, and changelings.
  • The Mournland is where the nation of Cyre used to be, until it was destroyed by The Mourning, killing most people who were there at the time. Prior to that, though, Cyre’s location right in the middle of the continent, as well as the fact that it was the infighting of potential heirs to the throne of the Kingdom of Galifar in Cyre that started the Last War, made it home to a great many battles, and the much of it was already pillaged and in ruins before the Mourning. Now the area is beset by a heavy gray mist, contained to the political borders of the nation. There is a lot of undead activity here, as well as areas of strange magical effects. Nobody lives here except for a rather large group of warforged who had banded together to form a cult around a prophetic warforged figure known as The Lord of Blades. These particular warforged, in trying to find meaning behind their creation and purpose after the war, have gone fanatical and believe that all flesh-based races must die.
  • The Mror Holds is the dwarven homeland, hemmed by mountain ranges and the Bitter Sea to the north. It is not a single nation, but a confederacy of dwarven clans. The dwarves run a pretty big banking empire, and most of them do not fit the stereotypical dwarf conception. The population of 700,000 is mostly made up of dwarves, but is also home to humans, orcs, gnomes, and others.
  • Q’Barra is a wild land of untamed frontiers that extends beyond the Endworld Mountains. Here, fugitives from the Last War found an unclaimed region – at least, unclaimed by other humans, dwarves, or elves – in which they could escape the bgloodshed back home. Lizardforlk, dragonborn, and kobold communities can be found here, and have no deesire to lose their lands to the mammals of the west. 300,000 call Q’Barra home, mostly lizardfolk, humans, and halflings.
  • The Shadow Marches is little more than fetid backwater swamps, inhabited mostly by orcs. Still, some humans, goblins, and (unsurprisingly) half-orcs call it home. Oh, and it is startlingly rich in magical dragonshards. Population 500,000.
  • The Talenta Plain is a vast grassland that is the homeland of tribal and nomadic halflings who remain true to their ancient way of life, since before humans set foot on Khorvaire. It is also home to wandering herds of buffalo-sized dinosaurs. Halflings overwhelmingly populate this area, though some humans and others also live here. There are few permanent settlements, given the nomadic nature of the halflings. Population 400,000.
  • Thrane is the center of the remaining Five Nations and the heart of the Silver Flame. Thrane has a heightened sense of its own importance. A major military and economic power in the region, Thrane’s theocratic government is ostensibly devoted to stamping out evil and making life better for all. The land is rich and fertile, and also home to large forests and natural waterways. Population is 2.3 million, mostly humans, with sprinklings of half-elves, dwarves, and others.
  • Valenar is the only true elven nation in Khorvaire. Inhabited by a warrior people with no desire to maintain any connection with their homeland, Valendar is in a state of constant conflict with its neighbors. Population is unknown, but it is mostly elves and humans here, with (again, unsurprisingly) half-elves.
  • Zilargo is the homeland to a gnome culture that predates the rise of Galifar. Zilargo appears to be a land of plenty, of peace and prosperity, and of lush farms and well-ordered cities. Those who observe Zilargo’s laws never have reason to see it as anything else. But enemies of Zilargo find their secrets exposed and their plans countered before they’re executed. And individuals who break the peace or incite unrest vanish swiftly and completely. Many airships and the like are constructed here. Population is 250,000.


  • An island continent inhabited by elves, also their ancestral homeland. Thick jungles and exotic flora cast deep shadows across the land, shrouding a society steeped in a fascination with death. Southeast of Khorvaire.


  • This continent is home mostly to dragons, though some barbarian human tribes exist there. Very little is known about Argonnessen, as the vast majority of expeditions there do not return, and the few survivors who do come back are somewhat mad. The dragons here are obsessed with the Draconic Prophecy, which they claim to see in the patterns of rivers, forests, mountains, and even people.


  • A shifting sheet of ice located at the south pole of the world. Largely unexplored.


  • A frozen waste at the north pole, only 2 expeditions from this land have ever returned, and they have reported nothing of value…or is there?! The dwarves believe this is where they originally are from.


  • A subterranean underworld beneath most of Eberron. A land of NIGHTMARES!


  • This continent is the original home of the humans.


  • Xen’Drik was home to the giants, who reigned during the Age of Giants, prior to the Age of Monsters. It is unknown exactly why the giant civilization died out, but Xen’Drik is now littered with ruins of it, as well as forgotten civilizations that preceded it. The land is largely unexplored and very dangerous, home to many unknown threats. Drow live here, as well, having previously been enslaved by the giants.
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