Dragonmarks and Their Houses

Dragonmarks appear on certain people in Eberron and grant them certain powers. Generally people who manifest dragonmarks are part of one of the 13 dragonmarked Houses, and are generally specific to a certain race. If you want to have a dragonmark, there are a few ways of going about it. It does not have to already be in place, but can manifest itself as time goes on. You can either be a direct descendant of the ruling line of one of the dragon marked houses, you can be a distant part of the family, you could be totally unrelated (though, if the House learns of your mark, they may try to “claim” you). Of course you are not required to have a dragonmark, in fact they are pretty rare. Here is a breakdown of the dragonmarks.

Having a dragonmark also allows you to perform certain rituals, based on whichever mark you have, regardless of whether your class allows you to do rituals.

Aberrant Dragonmarks These are random “unofficial” dragonmarks that can pop up on any creature of any race. However, due to something called the War of the Mark, people with aberrant dragonmarks are considered outsiders and may be hunted down just for having one. Aberrant marks come in the following flavors, accessible as feats. In each one, when you hit an enemy with a daily attack power, it takes a -2 penalty to one of the following: saving throws, Will, attack rolls.

Mark of Detection
  • When you make a Perception check, you make 2 rolls and use the higher result. Also allows you to sense the presence of magic as if you were trained in Arcana, you can use Perception instead of Arcana for the check.
  • House Medani is a half-elf house that takes great pride in its mental and magical training. They aren’t spies, but are great at catching them, and are involved in a lot of inquisitive work, and other things along those lines.
  • Paragon Path: Medani Trueseer, House Medani’s rigorous mental training combines with the power of your dragonmark to bring your powers of prescience and observation to supernatural levels.
Mark of Finding
  • When an enemy granting combat advantage to you is adjacent to you and shifts, you can shift 1 square into a square it vacates as a free action.
  • House Tharashk is a half-orc and human house whose main business is extracting and processing dragonshards for a myriad of magical uses. Also dabbles in inquisitive and mercenary work.
  • Paragon Path: Tharashk Wayfinder (also need to be a Ranger with the Hunter’s Quarry class feature), A wayfinder is part scout, part bounty hunter, and part inquisitive.
Mark of Handling
  • You can use a creature’s mount powers as if you have the Mounted Combat Feat. While you are mounted on a natural beast, the mount gains a +2 feat bonus to speed and a +1 feat bonus to AC. If you have a beast companion, your beast companion gains a +2 feat bonus to speed and a +1 feat bonus to AC.
  • House Vadalis is a human house that specializes in the breeding and training of animals, from traditional animals to magebred horses and griffons.
  • Paragon Path: Vadalis Griffonmaster (also need to be a Ranger with the Beast Mastery class feature), You’ve become an expert rider who is at home on the back of a griffon.
Mark of Healing
  • Whenever you use a healing power on an ally or use Heal to allow an ally to spend his or her second wind, that ally can also make a saving throw.
  • House Jorasco is a halfling house that maintains hospitals and clinics across Khorvaire that use alchemy, herbalism, and magical and mundane healing talents to cure disease and heal wounds.
  • Paragon Path: Jorasco Jadehand, You respect the druidic traditions, and you’re interested in stopping supernal menaces and healing the world’s scars, such as the Mournland. You have a broad view of what constitutes “healing”, so you also apply your skills leberally to help heal people and the land.
Mark of Hospitality
  • Whenever you or an ally within 10 square of you uses a healing power during a short rest, the power restores the maximum number of hitpoints possible.
  • House Ghallanda is a halfling house that maintains and licenses inns, restaurants, and similar establishments throughout the continent.
  • Paragon Path: Ghallanda Sanctuary Guardian, as a sanctuary guardian, you are the point of the spear for House Ghallanda, adept at enforcing the house’s mandate to provide a safe haven for its guests.
Mark of Making
  • You have mastered the Enchant Magic Item ritual and can perform it as if you were two levels higher. You can make alchemical items as though you have the Alchemist Feat and were two levels higher.
  • House Cannith is a human house and is responsible for the creation of the warforged, the airships (with the aid of House Lyrandar), and the lightning rail (with the aid of House Orien). The greatest artificers and invetors in the world.
  • Paragon Path: Cannith Mastermaker, you are capable of coaxing hidden power out of your magic items, and you can use that power in unusual ways.
Mark of Passage
  • Whenever one of your powers lets you shift, you can shift 1 extra square. Whenever one of your powers lets you teleport, you can teleport 1 extra square.
  • House Orien is a human house that dominates transportation, especially land-based.
  • Paragon Path: Orien Swiftblade, As a Swiftblade, you can slice a rift in the fabric of the world, dart through it, and then appear on the other side of the battlefield.
Mark of Scribing
  • Choose 4 languages. You can speak, read, and write those languages fluently. When you can a level, you can retrain one of these languages instead of retraining a feat, power, or skill. You gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks.
  • House Sivis is a gnome house that is heavily invested in the lines of communication across Khorvaire. From post offices to magical messaging, speaking stones, notary, accounting, and legal businesses, House Sivis is generally responsible.
  • Paragon Path: Sivis Truenamer (also need to be fluent in Supernal), Your words carry potent magic power, a power that can befuddle and enslave your enemies or bring an onrushing mob to a halt.
Mark of Sentinel
  • Whenever an enemy provokes an opportunity attack from you, you can shift 1 square as a free action before or after you make the opportunity attack.
  • House Deneith is a human house, providing mercenaries, bodyguards, and other sorts of “security”.
  • Paragon Path: Deneith Protector, a mercenary bodyguard who is a combat veteran.
Mark of Shadow
  • Whenever you make an attack and miss every target while hidden, you remain hidden. Same if you were invisible.
  • House Phiarlan is an elf/eladrin house whose members are known as excellent musicians, dancers, and entertainers. They also excel at creating illusions. They are adept at learning information, given that its members are employed in the lowliest of inns to the courts of kings.
  • Paragon Path: Phiarlan Phantasmist, your training has taught you how to bring your enemies’ nightmares to life.
  • House Thuranni split from House Phiarlan 26 years ago after a series of assassinations. It is smaller and offers similar services, though also dabbles in wet work.
  • Paragon Path: Thuranni Shadow Killer (also need to be trained in Stealth), You kill silently, and you are adept at infiltrating enemy strongholds.
Mark of Storm
  • Whenever you hit an enemy with a thunder or lightning power, you can slide that enemy 1 square. You gain a +1 bonus to speed when flying.
  • House Lyrandar is a half-elf house that has much influence over the air and sea trade. They own the greatest number of airships and elemental galleons.
  • Paragon Path: Lyrandar Wind-Rider, You’re naturally held aloft by breezes, and with the aid of your dragonmark, you can cause sudden bursts of wind that send your enemies flying.
Mark of Warding
  • Whenever one of your powers grants a bonus to defense, increase that bonus by 1. Whenever you mark an enemy, that enemy takes a -3 penalty to attack rolls for attack that don’t target you instead of the normal -2 penalty.
  • House Kundarak is a dwarven house that is responsible for much of modern commerce, since its Mark helps keep items secure. They are the bankers and moneylenders of Khorvaire.
  • Paragon Path: Kundarak Ghorad’Din, you are charged with testing the house’s wards and recovering property stolen by those brave enough to break into Kundarak vaults.


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