A Warforged Artificer working for House Cannith.


Originally from the 3rd or 4th generation of Warforged, Rune was one of the “experimental” set of Warforged, Warforged not made for the battlefield, but the household. Rune in particular was a “kitchen” warforged. Made to be a master chef, his embedded components included egg-beaters, rolling pins, blenders and a four-slice toaster. His armor was a Never-Wrinkle apron. He still misses that apron.

The household warforged didn’t really catch on as a selling point for House Cannith though. War’s a tough market for luxury items. As the war raged on for several generations, Rune, along with other Household warforged, was pressed into other service for House Cannith. He was sent to House Cannith’s Artificer Academy and became a House Artificer.

Old habits are hard to break though, and Rune was just too good in the kitchen for anyone to really take him seriously as an Artificer. His big break came though, when reports of rogue Artificers came into his House’s hands. He volunteered to go to a remote tower and find out the truth, and set off to prove he was more than a kitchen warforged.


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