• Phawr T. Touh

    Phawr T. Touh

    Theif/assassin for house Thuranni
  • Rune


    A Warforged Artificer working for House Cannith.
  • Aric Blacktree (Deceased?)

    Aric Blacktree (Deceased?)

    Discovered by the players in a ruined tower before The Mourning. Aide to Lord Major Bren ir'Gadden, he was stupified from overexposure to the prophecy mark in the tower. Revealed to have been trying to manifest an aberrant dragonmark, he fell in league
  • Bren ir'Gadden

    Bren ir'Gadden

    Lord Major Bren ir'Gadden was discovered by the players in the ruined tower before The Mourning. He was held captive and "assisted" the party in his rescue. 4 years later he invited the party to a gathering upon a rooftop in Sharn, to a ceremony marking
  • Captain Saj Kalaes

    Captain Saj Kalaes

    Captain Saj Kalaes is a mid-ranking human officer of the Dark Lanterns, a part of the King's Citadel.
  • Dannae Ulyan aka DEMISE

    Dannae Ulyan aka DEMISE

    A wealthy elf noble from Aerenal with an avid interest in elven history in Khorvaire. She has been known to hire explorers and academics for various purposes. As with many elves, she has an interest in magic related to death and the dead.
  • Haftak ir'Clarn

    Haftak ir'Clarn

    Publisher of the Sharn Inquisitive.
  • Jaenus


    Jaenus is Dannae's elf-man-servant, and has a skull tattoo on his face.
  • Molric


    Molric is the foreman of the Tain Foundry. An ex-soldier of the Brelish army, he is a bad-tempered bigot who does not see warforged worthy of any respect.
  • Olaakki


    Olaakki is a hobgoblin priest, partial to the Sovereign Host deities Arawai, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran, Olladra, Onatar, and the Traveler. A capable warrior, he is a humble priest working to better the lives of the downtrodden.
  • Professor Gydd Nephret (MISSING)

    Professor Gydd Nephret (MISSING)

    Professor Gydd Nephret, a half-elf, is an expert on Sharn antiquities, and a specialist in Dhakaani-era relics. She is on the faculty at Morgrave University, and was also present on the tower rooftop the day the Mourning Haunt attacked.
  • Ragnar Thunderwhacker

    Ragnar Thunderwhacker

    A grizzled dwarf, Ragnar is an Inquisitive with the Sharn Watch. He comes onto the scene after the players defeated the Mourning Haunt and deputizes them, charging the party with finding where the blasted thing came from.
  • Victahanna Trannyth (Deceased)

    Victahanna Trannyth (Deceased)

    Emerald Claw necromancer who had come to the ruined tower to take custody of Bren ir'Gadden. She also happened to be Phawr's assassination target. She did not survive the battle.