First Session

Our adventure opened with a motley group converging upon a ruined tower not far from the scene of a raging battle in Cyre. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Birel is a half-elven ranger, walking the path of the beastmaster. Her animal companion is a tiger.
  • Phawr T. Touh is an elven rogue.
  • Rune is a warforged artificer.
  • Salutarum “Sal” Nugator, kalashtar ardent who sometimes seeks enlightenment at the bottoms of his cups.
  • Violet the Violent, a human mage.

There they meet each other for the first time, and are quickly attacked by a group of kruthik hatchlings. Hatchling kruthik

Venturing into the tower, they are met by a pair of dolgrim warriors.

Coming together against this common threat, the group vanquishes their foes and discovers 2 prisoners: Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden and his aide, Aric Blacktree. Bren was bound in irons while his aide had been placed into a magical rune circle, dazed and stupified. Bren is an officer of the nearby Brelish army.

Upon examining the circle, which revealed itself to be a prophecy mark, a strange message whispered into Vi’s head: “Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”

After taking a short rest, the newly formed party, joined by Bren and Aric, proceed from the tower to deliver them back to their command. However, upon stepping out of the tower, the adventurers come face to face with a small zombie horde, 2 agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw, and an Emerald Claw necromancer by the name of Victahanna Trannyth. They have come for Bren, and won’t be leaving without him, and they mean to dispose of everyone else. Phawr recognizes Victahanna as the person he has been sent to assassinate. In the ensuing battle, Phawr is adamant about claiming Victahanna as his own kill. In an effort to facilitate this, Sal mind controlled her and sent her over to where Phawr was fighting. She then broke out of the mind control and tried to fight her way out, but her efforts were not enough. Phawr was able to slay her and cut out her almost-still-beating heart as proof of his work.

Bren also attempted to contribute to the battle, to show these ragged adventurers that he was no slouch, but ended-up mis-casting magic missile and generally impeding the party.

During this battle, the skies around the party began to burn with fire, sounds of thunder all around. A sickly gray mist flooded the surrounding areas, and slowly the screams of battle from the nearby armies died away. The Mourning had occurred.

4 years later our heroes are residing in Sharn, City of Towers. Sharn1

They have stayed in contact for the most part, having been bound together by their shared experience of The Mourning – something few others were lucky enough to survive. Each of them received an invitation from Bren to a memorial event on the 4th anniversary of The Mourning. It is to be held on the fancy rooftop of one of Sharn’s magnificent towers.

The heroes assembled at the tower, some of them more happy to see each other than others. Civilians were also present, en masse. A group of Cyran refugees sat as guests of honor near a fountain. The ceremony was about to begin when a door burst open, and out flowed what was later learned to be a Mourning Haunt; a mist-like creature summoned to this plane of existence by some evil master. It began indiscriminately killing the civilians, enveloping them in its mist, leaving behind grayish and drained looking corpses. Being the heroes they are, the party decided to attack this creature, and hopefully draw it away from the civilians.

Once they did attack, however, the creature seemed to lose all interest in the civilians. It also began to repeat several phrases in a sinister whisper, including, “Must kill the five,” and “Diiiiie.” The battle was difficult, but eventually our heroes were able to take the beast down.

Just then, a dwarf in the uniform of a Sharn Watch Inquisitive burst onto the scene and introduced himself as Ragnar Thunderwhacker. The heroes explained what had happened, then were deputised by Ragnar and sent off to find where this creature had come from. While this was going on, Phawr had Vi distract Ragnar by making the fountain bubble, claiming it was a left-over effect from the mist creature. Phawr took the opportunity to head over by where some of the civilians were still hiding out after their perilous ordeal. Being rich, noble folk, Phawr let them know about his collection for the families of those fallen to the mist creature, and asked for donations. The nobles, recognizing him as one of their saviors and happy to be alive, gladly contributed money to the cause as they shuffled by, off of the rooftop.

With that, our heroes were off, doing their best to track down the origin of the Mourning Haunt. They learned from several witnesses and other clues along the way (such as random corpses or “mist-leavings”) that the creature had come from far below, down from the lower levels of Sharn. There were a couple of mis-steps that let to some confrontations with unsavory individuals, but by blade or word the heroes made it through, eventually talking to a man called 3 Toes. He pointed the heroes to the home the mist creature had emerged from, at the base of Dalannan Tower in the Central Bridge district of the Lower Menthis Plateau. It turned out to be the home of none other than Aric Blacktree!



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